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                                                                                              DAVID COHEN: GUITAR on disc

David Cohen is a multi-instrumentalist, composer of music for the classical & flamenco guitar, recording artist and educator who performs on the classical & flamenco guitar, Chinese pipa, Turkish oud and Highland bagpipes.  David's studies on the guitar have led him to California, Nevada, New York and Philadelphia.

In addition to his studies on the guitar, David has studied the Turkish Oud, the Chinese Pipa with Master Sun Li and the highland bagpipes with the Pipes & Drums of the Jersey Shore of which he is proud to be a member of the marching band.

David's teaching studios are located in both Philadelphia and Ocean Grove New Jersey.

In 2003 David started the Food Bank Benefit Concert that is held the last Saturday in January with all proceeds going directly to the Food Bank of Monmouth and Ocean Counties in New Jersey.

Realizing the need in 2005 to make the classical music events in Philadelphia more visible to the residents and guests to our city David initiated the web site:www.PhiladelphiaClassicalMusic.com

David's work been featured in the Montgomery County Ticket, Asbury Park Press, 
Broad Street Review, The Ocean Grove Record, Puerto Rican Panorama WPVI TV Philadelphia, G-Rock 106.3 and The Breeze Radio 107.1 Monmouth County, NJ and Crossover w/ Jill Pasternak WRTI 90.1 Philadelphia and has also written for Philadelphia Music Makers Magazine.


Guitar Point opened in 1987 and derived it's name from the expectation of the original facility opening in Point Pleasant, New Jersey. As business expanded founder David Cohen opend his teachng studio in Ocean Grove New Jersey and soon realized that in order to reach his mission, Guitar Point would serve the Monmouth County region through delivering its services of tailored guitar instruction to the homes of his clients. Since Guitar Point's inception David has expanded his private instruction to the Philadelphia Region.


Guitar Point's mission is to expand the knowledge of the possibilities on the guitar to students through teaching classical technique and music along with traditional music from around the world while giving the student the information they want to enjoy the guitar at each level of their learning.   

Private Events

David Cohen can create a uniquely intimate atmosphere with music to add the perfect touch to your event. David's services for public and private events span from Virginia to Connecticut. Along with the classical & flamenco guitar David has expertise in performing on the Chinese pipa, Turkish ou and Highland bagpipes.

David Cohen is a member of the Philadelphia Classical Guitar Society, Pipes & Drums of the Jersey Shore founder and chairs The Food Bank Concert and also created and maintains the website PhiladelphiaClassicalMusic.com

David is also a graduate of the Temple University School of Tourism and Hospitality Management



David Cohen is a member of the Pipes and Drums of the Jersey Shore Shillelagh's in Belmar, NJ.

the soothing menace

'With the presence of an ominous thunderstorm clawing through the clouds comes the invisible beauty of his music. Powerful, delicate, and defining are a few of the words that envelop David Cohen's tremendous ability to capture a moment and make it last in reality as well as forever in memory. The blissful atmosphere created by the soothing menace of Cohen's bagpipes bring to mind natures transition from a roaring thunderstorm into the peaceful cool silence of aftermath as the rainwater rolls down a sidewalk. His ability to hit a transition such as that are uncanny as much as they are brilliant. Cohen's range has no limit. The character as well as personality that accompanies the music is the perfect muse. Cohen has been an annual fixture among our most significant holidays over the past six years and we hope this trend continues infinite. He creates an atmosphere such as without him it would be nearly impossible to recreate and would certainly never live up to the Cohen standard.'

John Kane 2010


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The historical development of the pipa has been a progressive process from its very beginning with few major fusions. The earliest Chinese written texts about the pipa dated back at least to the second century BC. For instance, Xi Liu of the Eastern Han Dynasty (25-220 AD) described in his book, The Definition of Terms - On Musical Instruments, that the name of the instrument pipa originally referred to two finger techniques. The two Chinese characters p'i and p'a stood originally for the two movements, i.e. plucking the strings forwards and backwards, respectively.